Ania M. Piotrowska

Information Security Group - Department of Computer Science

Email: a.piotrowska at
University College London,
Department of Computer Science,
Malet Place Engineering Building,
Gower Street,
London WC1E 6BT,
United Kingdom.

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    I am a PhD student in the Information Security Group at UCL. I joined UCL in September 2015. My supervisors are Professor George Danezis and Dr. Sarah Meiklejohn. My PhD is funded by the EU project Panoramix.

    My research interests are focused on information security and privacy, with particular emphasis on anonymous communication, mix-networks, traffic analysis and analysis of privacy and security.

    Before joining UCL I studied at the Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology at Wroclaw University of Technology under the supervision of Marek Klonowski.

    News & Events

  • I was featured in the article at CSO website, talking about our mix-network!
  • I attended the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium 2018, in Barcelona
  • Between Nov'17-March'18 I had an amazing opportunity to do an internship at DeepMind!
  • I attended the WPES'17 and CCS'17 in Dallas, where I presented AnNotify.
  • Our Loopix system was covered in few online articles, including BleepingComputer, FossBytes, DarkWebNews, Deep.Dot.Web, Least Authority Blog.
  • I gave a talk "Using mix-networks for building anonymous communication system" during the Google Privacy and Security Month.
  • Our paper "AnNotify: A Private Notification Service" got accepted at WPES'17!
  • I attended the USENIX Security Symposium'17 in Vancouver, where I presented "The Loopix Anonymity System" paper. Here you can find the slides from my talk.
  • I am now an external reviewer for the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium.
  • Our paper "The Loopix Anonymity System" got accepted at USENIX'17!
  • I attended the Tor-Dev meeting in Amsterdam.
  • I visited the Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNet) in Athens, where I presented the Loopix design and discussed the PANORAMIX mix-network design.
  • I attended the 10th International CPDP Conference in Brussels, Belgium.
  • I talked about "AnNotify: A Private Notification Service" during the COSIC Seminar at KU Leuven, Belgium.
  • I attended the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium in Darmstadt, Germany.
  • I attended the Interdisciplinary Summerschool on Privacy in Nijmegen, Netherlands.
  • I attended the IEEE EuroS&P conference in Saarbrucken, Germany.
  • Publications

    >> Conference Papers

  • No right to remain silent: Isolating Malicious Mixes.
    Hemi Leibowitz, Ania M. Piotrowska, George Danezis, Amir Herzberg. Currently under submission.
  • The Loopix Anonymity System.
    Ania M. Piotrowska, Jamie Hayes, Tariq Elahi, Sebastian Meiser and George Danezis. USENIX Security Symposium 2017.
  • AnNotify: A Private Notification Service
    Ania M. Piotrowska, Jamie Hayes, Nethanel Gelernter, George Danezis, Amir Herzberg. WPES 2017.
  • Some Remarks and Ideas about Monetization of Sensitive Data
    Ania M. Piotrowska, Marek Klonowski, DPM Workshop 2015.
  • >> Journal Papers

  • Light-weight and secure aggregation protocols based on Bloom filters
    Ania M. Piotrowska, Marek Klonowski, Computers & Security 2018.
  • >> Specifications and Technical Reports

  • The Panoramix Specification Document
    Yawning Angel, George Danezis, Claudia Diaz, Ania M. Piotrowska, David Stainton. 2017.
  • Introduction to the Katzenpost Mix Network System
    David Stainton, George Danezis, Claudia Diaz, Ania M. Piotrowska, Yawning Angel. OPERANDI 2018: Open Day for Privacy, Transparency and Decentralization 2018.
  • Teaching

    In addition to my research tasks, I am a Teaching Assistant for Privacy Enhancing Technologies (MSc) and Introduction to Cryptography (MSc). I also co-supervise the MSc projects together with Prof. George Danezis.


    I am always happy to work on interesting projects, if you would like to collaborate please contact me. I am also open to short-term consultancy engagements related to privacy and security.